Materials moved from Center Block

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By David Giuliani

Want bricks? The owner of the collapsed Center Block building has many for sale.

It’s been 16 months since the building fell down and much of the rubble remains, but since November, people have been slowly moving bricks and other debris from the property.

The owner, Bob Dalton, said he has agreed to sell bricks and give wood to dozens of people. Residents have been loading up their trucks with the materials, and they appear to be making a dent.

“We’re moving truck after truck of wood and brick,” Dalton said. “When the weather warms a little, people come to get bricks and wood.”

The bricks go for 25 cents each, with the broken ones and most of the wood being given away for free. The bricks were made in a local factory around the turn of the last century.

Dalton sold the building at Grand Avenue and Lincoln Street to local physician Jerry Williams a number of years ago. Recently, the mortgage reverted to Dalton.

The city has demanded the building’s cleanup.

Last summer, Dalton and Williams filed an appeal to state District Court after the City Council approved a resolution ordering them to clean up the property. Neighbors have complained about the pile of debris from the Center Block, and officials have contended the mess is an eyesore at the gateway of Las Vegas’ historic downtown areas.

The owners claimed in their appeal that the city didn’t provide them proper notice for the vacant lots owned by them next to the Center Block, noting that they were included in the cleanup resolution.

The Center Block, built around the turn of the last century, once housed the Sportsman’s Bar, the Pioneer Bar and the Red Ball Cafe.