Martinez says he won't run for mayor

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By David Giuliani

Former Mayor Matt Martinez said Friday he wouldn’t run for the position this year, citing family and business obligations.

Martinez, general manager of KNMX and KMDZ, said he is working to launch a country FM station in Las Vegas.

“My family comes first, and my business takes a lot of my time,” he said.

Martinez revealed in December that he was considering running again, as he has many times before.

“I’m an independent person. The good thing with my decision is that all I have to do is check with my family and not political patrones,” he said.

He announced his decision shortly before Mayor Henry Sanchez went on the air Friday to reveal his plans to run for a fourth two-year term. That was two weeks after the mayor originally announced he wouldn’t run again.

Sanchez beat Martinez and Ramon “Swoops” Montao, a Las Vegas City Schools board member, with nearly half the vote in March 2006. Martinez got 27 percent.

Martinez, who has been active in the Las Vegas-San Miguel Economic Development Corporation, said he would pray for Las Vegas because it is in “very bad shape.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t see anything positive going on in the community. We have some serious problems with drugs, and we have serious problems with politicians,” Martinez said. “We’re losing population. There are no new jobs.”

Martinez, who was mayor from 1998 to 2000, said as with the country in general, the city of Las Vegas needs new leadership.

“The winds of change are coming to Las Vegas. Hopefully, we’ll see a new mayor,” he said.

He brought up the cliche, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

“It’s almost insane we’re trying to improve our community with the same people,” he said.

Martinez said he would evaluate all the candidates and may make an endorsement later in the campaign season.

Besides Sanchez, the other two announced candidates are Montao and former state employee Tonita Gurul-Giron.

Also considering entering the race is Tony Marquez, a city councilman.

The municipal election is March 4.