Man turns self in for driving drunk

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By Martin Salazar

It’s not often that someone who has gotten behind the wheel after consuming too many alcoholic beverages pulls over at a police station and turns himself in.

But that’s exactly what Las Vegas police say happened Tuesday afternoon.

A probable cause statement filed in the case states that Willie Sedillo, 47, of the 2400 block of Sagebrush, drove to the police station near the Plaza, walked in and told a dispatcher that he was intoxicated.

“I made contact with W. Sedillo who told me he was drunk and had driven himself to the police department to turn himself in,” officer Chris Lopez writes in the probable cause statement.

Police say Sedillo’s breath alcohol content was .22, close to three times the state’s presumed level of intoxication for drivers, which is .08.

It’s unclear why Sedillo decided to turn himself in.

The officer notes that as he was speaking to Sedillo he smelled alcohol, and he states that Sedillo told him he “drank a lot of alcohol before he drove to the police department.”

Police surveillance video captured Sedillo driving his 1969 Ford pick-up to the police department parking lot, exiting his vehicle and walking in, the court document states.

Sedillo performed poorly on field sobriety tests. He was arrested for DWI and consented to the breath test.

Sedillo was charged with aggravated DWI, and Magistrate Chris Najar set his bond at $5,000 cash.