Man sentenced for robbing store

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By The Staff

A man who was accused of holding up a convenience store, among other crimes, has been convicted, the district attorney said.

Richard Griego, 23, of Ribera has been sentenced to 7-1/2 years in prison and two years of parole, District Attorney Richard Flores said in a statement.

According to the DA’s office, Griego held up the Allsups at 113 S. Grand Ave. Witnesses said Griego placed some items on the counter and as a clerk opened up the cash register, Griego jumped over the counter and pulled out the drawer and fled the store with the cash.

In an unrelated incident, Griego was charged with burglarizing the Sunshine service station, stealing cigarettes and lottery tickets, the DA’s office said. During this incident, Griego also assaulted and attempted to rob a newspaper carrier outside of the station, officials said.

Griego was also convicted of yet another burglary — this one taking place at Pecos River RV Park. In this case, he admitted to breaking the front window of the store and stealing a small ATM safe from the store and prying it open, according to the DA’s office. Blood samples on the safe were sent for analysis, and Griego was found to be the source of the DNA, police reports state.

“I am content with the disposition of these cases and this defendant,” Flores said in a statement. “Obviously, Mr. Griego had a problem with respecting others and their property. A 7-1/2-year prison sentence is quite a long time for him to think about what he did.”

Flores said both Las Vegas and city police were involved in the investigations.