Man hurts self, arrested at police station

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By David Giuliani

A Las Vegas man wanted to go home, but ended up injured on the parking lot of the police station, according to court documents.

Las Vegas police said Thomas Lovato, 28, 803 Union St., was assaulting his girlfriend when she was driving him around 8 p.m. June 23. He refused to leave her car, so she decided to go to the Las Vegas Police Department to get help.

His girlfriend told officers that she went to pick up Lovato and was angry that he had been drinking, according to a criminal complaint filed in Magistrate Court. When he began to argue with her, she demanded that he get out of the car. When he wouldn’t, she went to the police station. He opened the door and got out, but then threw a beer can at his girlfriend, police said. He was striking at the car, but she felt he was trying to hit her, documents state.

“She was very scared at this point because of prior domestic situations and wanted to get away from him. She drove forward and that is when he fell off the vehicle and to the street,” the complaint states.

The girlfriend left the area but called police. Police found Lovato in considerable pain in their parking lot. A portion of Moreno Street was blocked off, as an ambulance showed up to take Lovato to the hospital.

According to the complaint, Lovato denied trying to hit his girlfriend with the beer, saying she moved the car forward suddenly, causing him to lose grasp of the can.

Lovato faces a charge of misdemeanor assault against a household member.

According to online court records, Lovato pleaded guilty to domestic battery involving his girlfriend in 2007. He was convicted of embezzlement in Albuquerque in 2006 and of burglary in Las Vegas a year later, according to the records.