Madrid says he won’t run for re-election

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By David Giuliani

Las Vegas City Councilman Morris Madrid an-nounced this week that he wouldn’t run for a second term, but he left open the possibility of a mayoral bid.

“Eit-her I’m going to play a larger leadership role or none at all. That’s a decision I have to make,” said Madrid, who was elected to represent the west side’s Ward 1 in 2006.

Madrid, a top official at the state hospital, said he would make an announcement on his political plans next month.

In another development, Macario Gonzalez, who served on the council for two decades until last year, said he would run for the Ward 1 seat in next March’s municipal election. He said he made that decision after finding out that Madrid wouldn’t run again.

“Morris has done a good job for the ward,” said Gonzalez, who is retired from the New Mexico National Guard.

Madrid said he doesn’t usually publicly discuss whom he is going to vote for, but he said he supported Gonzalez for the council.

As for the mayoral race, there are no announced candidates. Mayor Tony Marquez won’t discuss his plans, while former Councilman Louie Trujillo, Councilman Andrew Feldman and County Treasurer Alfonso Ortiz haven’t ruled out running for mayor.

Madrid said that while he was looking at a “larger leadership role,” that didn’t include running against any of the local state lawmakers, whom he said work “great as a team.” He wouldn’t rule out a run for the County Commission.

Madrid, a former city manager and finance director, said he ran for the council in 2006 because he believed Ward 1 needed better representation. While he said he liked Gonzalez on the council, he didn’t approve of the performance of then-Councilman Arthur Vigil, who also represented Ward 1.

He said that after he threw his hat into the ring, he discovered that Tonita Gurulé-Giron and Oliver L’esperance were going to run. He said they were good candidates and that had he known beforehand they were running, he wouldn’t have.

Gonzalez said he would run on his 20-year record.

“I was very responsive to the constituents. I never hired a friend or a family member. I never advocated for a contract or business other than those who bid for it and deserved it,” he said.

Since leaving his post last year, Gonzalez said that other than his role as the city’s housing advisory committee chairman, he has assumed the role of outsider from City Hall.

“I read what’s going on, and I believe it, but I want to reserve judgment,” he said.

Marquez said in an e-mail Tuesday morning that he welcomes his fellow citizens to run for public office.