LV man accused of raping woman

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By David Giuliani

A 33-year-old Las Vegas man is accused of raping a woman and later threatening her by saying he could have her fired from her job.

The man, who lives on San Miguel Street, was arrested on charges of criminal sexual penetration, kidnapping, robbery and intimidation of a witness.

According to a criminal complaint, the alleged victim on March 31 had just gotten off from work and went to sleep when the suspect woke her up. He asked her to go for a ride, but she protested at first, saying she was tired.

She agreed to go after he said he wanted to pick up his children, the complaint states. They went off in his red Eclipse, which he had just purchased.

They drove about four miles from her house and then the man reportedly pulled over on County Road 21 near the subdivision of Ojitos Frios, the complaint states. He allegedly dumped money from her purse and took her wallet.

She tried to fight him off, but he then hit her and threatened to rape her, according to the complaint. He followed through on the threat, state police said.

She was able to get a ride to Alta Vista Regional Hospital for treatment, but a state police officer took her to St. Vincent Hospital in Santa Fe, where she could get a certified rape exam. However, the alleged victim was so distraught in Santa Fe she couldn’t have the exam done at that time, the complaint states.

She was later given medication at Alta Vista to help her with her anxiety, police said. While at the hospital, she got a call on her personal cell phone, with the suspect warning her that he would have her fired from her job, according to the complaint.

Police went to the suspect’s house and towed his car.