Luna’s YouthBuild program seeks participants

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By Eddie King
LCC YouthBuild Program Director

Luna Community College’s new program, YouthBuild, is seeking participants for the program. The program is a successful alternative education program. It assists local area youth ages 16 to 24 obtain their GED and pursue post-secondary education. Program participants will also learn construction industry-related job skills by renovating or building affordable housing in our community.

Individuals interested in joining LCC’s first-year YouthBuild cohort are asked to submit their applications by or before Friday, Feb. 15. Orientation and classes begin March 2013. The second-year YouthBuild cohort is scheduled to commence spring 2014.

YouthBuild students will participate in leadership development activities, all while earning college credit and nationally-recognized credentials through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Additionally, YouthBuild will provide career placement opportunities and case management services to its participants.

All costs incurred for college tuition, lab fees, textbooks and tools of the trade will be paid for by YouthBuild. Participants will also receive monetary incentives totaling $2,000.

Specifically, a $1,000 stipend will be given for completing either a renovation or construction project and a $1,000 graduation stipend will also be awarded. Moreover, students who successfully pass their GED with a score of 530 (or higher) automatically qualify for the New Mexico Lottery Scholarship.

The LCC YouthBuild program has two local operational partners. The city of Las Vegas and Habitat for Humanity will be directly involved in the actual renovation or construction phases of the program. LCC has referring  and supportive partners who will continuously provide services to YouthBuild and its participants.

For additional information regarding YouthBuild, Luna Community College’s program, call 454-2592, 454-2593, or 454-2594, or visit LCC YouthBuild on Facebook.  

YouthBuild administrative offices are located in rooms 101 and 110 of the Business and Professional Studies Building at LCC and are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.