Longtime radio host leaves airwaves

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By David Giuliani

Cipriano Aguilar quietly disappeared from the airwaves two months ago — no goodbyes, no farewell shows, no reminiscences.

After 46 years with KFUN, Aguilar said he decided to leave and gives his keys to station owner Joseph Baca in May. For years, he hosted a show playing Spanish music on Sunday afternoons, becoming a fixture on Las Vegas radio.

Aguilar said he had disagreements with Baca but didn’t want to say what they were because he promised to be positive about his departure.

“I won’t be negative about this. I am a positive person,” he said.

Baca said Aguilar left because he was tired and felt it was time to end his career with the station.

“I didn’t know about any disagreement. He came in and talked with (Baca’s wife) Loretta and me. He set the keys on the desk and said it was time for him to resign. I asked him, ‘Why?’ I said I wished he wouldn’t leave.”

Aguilar started with the station during his senior year in high school, around the same time he began playing a major role at Fiestas de Las Vegas. When he started with KFUN, Ernie Thwaites was still in charge, having founded the station two decades before.

Aguilar’s show, “El Gallo Copetn,” which means “rooster crowing” in English, was exclusively in Spanish.

“I carried the whole program in Spanish,” he said. “I want people to learn the language; that’s important.”

Aguilar has been with the Las Vegas Fiesta Council since 1962, serving as the master of ceremonies throughout that time. A retired educator, he was the 2002 Fiesta parade marshal and recently named as the event’s historian.

He said he would continue with the Fiesta Council and consider other opportunities in radio, adding that he would “keep the door open” to joining Las Vegas’ KNMX.

“One reason I worked for KFUN so long was that I was addicted to it,” he said. “I love radio.”