Live from the Met in HD

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Reliable sources say that Donna Martinez, the manager of Ilfeld Auditorium on the Highlands University campus, is working toward bringing next year's "Live from the Met in HD" series to Ilfeld auditorium. This would mean showing a dozen live performances from the Metropolitan Opera in New York on the big screen. The screenings are also available in an encore edition ("taped"). This year's prices nationally were $25 each for live and $22 for the encore version. Live is at 11 a.m. our time. Encore would be in the evening. If you would like to see this series come to Las Vegas(It has been playing for a few years at the Lensic in Santa Fe), contact Donna by phone at 454-3238 or by email at martinezda@nmhu.edu. Let her know if you prefer live or encore.