Limbaugh still made his point

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Concerning a letter to the editor entitled, “Birth control the moral choice,” with the lead sentence, “Rush Limbaugh thinks women who use birth control are sluts”:

If the writer had listened to Limbaugh’s discussions on the Senate hearing involving a female student’s testimony that government pay for student’s birth control (sometimes a $3,000 cost per year for a student), the writer would know Limbaugh never said birth controllers are sluts, or ever intimated women “go back to the Dark Ages.”

Again, more Main Stream Media misrepresentation against conservatives. Rush apologized from his crudeness toward this student. But he made his points: Should some be taxed for other’s sex (with taxes already going to Planned Parenthood)? Should this student’s Jesuit school be unconstitutionally forced to disperse pills for sex? Should government take over more of our private lives and money?

Another point: Conservatives have been called vile names by leading politicians and their liaisons because of conservative concerns over the demise of this once great nation’s economy through brutal regulations and mandates.

Where is Main Stream on crucial legislation reported in a truthful format?

Mostly repetition that our economy, with inflating daily, is improving; and carefully chosen soundbites hammering away to portray conservatives as heartless.

Annette Franklin