Letters: Support for bond issue

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By The Staff

On March 1, I attended the bond information meeting at the Pecos village boardroom.

I was very impressed how our school superintendent, Mr. Roy Herrera, and the architects explained to the public in attendance the purpose of the bond.

I was glad to see that parents who have children in our school were there in support of the bond.

When we, the senior citizens of today, started school, the school buildings were very small without electricity, butane, running water, inside restrooms, a school cafeteria or a gymnasium. Every surrounding community had their little school house. Most school districts had a one-room school.

I am glad to see all that has changed since I was a student. All these changes have occurred with the help of the school boards, superintendents, administrators, teachers and the taxpayers. We are fortunate to have one of the best schools in Pecos, compared to what’s going on in other schools.

The majority of the people of this school district has had and still have sons, daughters, grand-children, nieces, nephews and other relatives and friends who have attended Pecos Schools. I have been a resident of the Pecos School District for the past 72 years and I am a business and property owner in this district. To me it has never been a burden to pay my share of property taxes in order to support all the children who attend Pecos Schools whether they are related to me or not.

Don’t turn against our school because you don’t like a School Board member, the superintendent, an administrator, or a teacher. The education of our children should come first.

I have attended some of the basketball games and I see the gym full of people supporting our teams. I am asking you to do the same when you go vote. Be there for our children.

We need to pass this Obligation Bond. The greatest difficulty in upgrading schools particularly in the northern counties has been the lack of funds.

We cannot hope for significant advances in education without increased costs to bring about a better school system. Education is the most important opportunity we can give our children.

Eloy Gonzales

Former Pecos School board member

Former San Miguel County commissioner


School administrators have done a great job with bond monies throughout the state of New Mexico. The thanks go out to the voters of bond issues who have the students foremost in their minds. We do not have this luxury in Pecos.

What we have is a handful of ex-school board members and others who follow them undermining the school bond election. The one that speaks the loudest against the bond election is the one that passed a bond while he was on the school board. The last attempt to pass a bond failed because of people believing that we can do wonders with nothing. We must give our students the best chance they have of getting a good education and also being involved in extra-curricular activities.

A beautiful campus enhances the learning abilities of our students. As we go through life, education should be the most important issue for our offspring, the offspring of our relatives, the offspring of friends and acquaintances and the offspring of unknowns.

It will take a few tax dollars to help our students, but we spend much more in unimportant pastimes. If the students cannot depend on the voters to provide them with a great school, who can they turn to?

Joseph A. CdeBaca

Former Pecos School Board president

Former Pecos mayor


Imagine for a moment the success of passing the upcoming bond issue for the Pecos Independent Schools. The result will ensure that our students have a facility with better safety standards, improved technical and instructional equipment, maintenance and improvements to our facility and after-school and summer program improvements.

The passage of this bond will profoundly impact first our students, and second, the community.

We must keep our students at the forefront in investing toward our future.

As a member of this community, and as a graduate of Pecos High School, I can attest to the importance of passing this bond with the intended commitment. My husband and I are both cognizant of the importance a strong community voice can offer in encouraging our students to achieve a good education in a school that sees its students’ needs at center.

In our travels and life away from Pecos for the past 50 years, due to my husband’s military service for 20 years in the USAF as an officer, and I as a college professor for 39 years, we have seen the impact a strong community can have on a school that is at the core of the community. We have lived in Ohio, Massachusetts, Alabama, Oklahoma and southern New Mexico and have seen many of the communities where we have lived support their schools and garner great benefits for their students.

It is imperative to keep students at Pecos in a safe facility with current equipment and improvements that will help them continue to compete in a complex world.

Costs to the taxpayer are minimal in view of the benefits to our students and the community of Pecos. Early voting will begin on March 13 and will continue through March 30, at the School Auditorium and San Miguel County Courthouse.

Mildred C. Melendez