Letters to the Editor - July 11, 2014

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Gov is improving education
My name is Sarah Vasquez. I live up in the beautiful mountains of Chacon, N.M., with my husband, Ruben. He is retired, and is now enjoying those choices that we all look forward to one day be able to make in our daily lives.
I, on the other hand, still work and drive approximately 54 miles each way to and from my job in another beautiful spot in our state, Angel Fire. I work in Property Management in a great place, Angel Fire Resort. I have been there since 2000.
We understand that change does not come easy to our friends and neighbors here in our beautiful state of New Mexico. We are all so dedicated to family traditions and let it sometimes get in the way of new ideas that will, down the road, enrich the lives of the coming generation.
For Ruben and me that is important because our grandchildren are that generation. We must embrace the hope that Gov. Susana Martinez has implemented in our State.
Education Week’s recent report showed that New Mexico’s graduation rate increased by an incredible 15 percent. This proves that Gov. Martinez’s education reforms are working and moving our state forward.
In my opinion, education reform shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We should all join together and support Gov. Martinez as she fights to improve education. We are very lucky to have a Governor who sincerely cares enough to take that step and make changes in education that will bring forth prosperity in our children’s and grandchildren’s lives.
There is nothing liberal or conservative about basic accountability standards that make sure kids are getting good instruction. Nor is there anything liberal or conservative about making sure we spend our education dollars effectively. Gov. Martinez’s reforms are simply commonsense.
We need to abandon party labels and focus on the issue at hand: making our education system better so it gives our children a better chance to succeed. We should all applaud Gov. Martinez for doing just that.
I think the case for Democrats to cross party lines and vote for Gov. Martinez in November is very strong. Ruben and I believe in our governor, Susana Martinez and her dedication. Won’t you join us, in our campaign to re-elect Susana Martinez for governor this November? Together, we can make a difference and as my husband says “Que Viva Nuevo Mexico! Thank you.
Sarah Vasquez

Pay your solid waste bills
There was a lot of talk this past election about protection of the environment.
If the people of Mora County were wise they would start paying their solid waste bills and put their money where their mouth is. If you’ll check the records, you’d find that half the people that say they are concerned about protecting the environment have not paid their solid waste bills. Everything I write is public record.
Thanks to the hundred people that are still with me.
Rosalie Regensberg

RHS teacher went above and beyond
This summer, Mr. Edward Gomez, mathematics teacher at Robertson High School, willingly and on his own time, held a class: Algebra 1, semester B. This class was offered to students who needed additional help and to receive a required credit for Algebra. The class was conducted for five days a week, Monday through Friday. At the completion of the three week period all students enrolled in the class successfully passed the course. They completed the hard and rewarding work receiving the credit needed in Algebra.
This reflects on Mr. Gomez and his dedication and determination to work with these students encouraging them to succeed and feel good about themselves. Mr. Gomez is a dedicated and professional teacher in his field of mathematics who has always demonstrated a genuine and caring concern for his students. As a grandparent, I respect and admire Mr. Gomez and thank him for recognizing the potential that his students do have by never giving up on them.
Gilbert M. Baca
Grandparent, Las Vegas

Planned rudeness shown at parade
 I spent my 5th of July passing out free water along the parade route.  The cold bottled water was provided by the San Miguel County Republican Party as we have been doing for many a 4th of July parade. There I learned some fascinating things about a few of our angry Las Vegas Citizenry. The water we dispensed freely and without political qualification. The bottles were not labeled as coming from any particular entity. For the most part it was gratefully received on that hot day by many without ascertaining what political party was dispensing it. From a disgruntled and angry few, I received comments telling me what I could do with this bottle given by the Republicans…. It was taken even further, tying it to our governor, Susana Martinez, and how I could take the water to Lucifer along with her political policies.  
I later reflected on Mr. (Marty) Suazo’s rant reported on the Las Vegas Optic in last week. I found striking similarities to these few angry folks sitting on the curb. He ranted about the different capital monies and where they came from, how they were obtained and how we were somehow slighted by the millions of dollars which Santa Fe, under Susana’s leadership, provided to Las Vegas. The many benefits that would be enjoyed by all of San Miguel County from the Bradner and Peterson Dams. I think perhaps Mr. Suazo and the rest of the unhappy curb sitters should stand firm in their convictions and refuse any personal and familial water from the dam projects. While on this moral high ground, take a look around the county and refuse any and all benefits which emanate from the leaders we have elected.
We should all band together as one citizenry and refuse to play Mr. Suazo’s lobster trap game where we do everything we can to claw our accomplished fellow Hispanics to the bottom every time they near the top. Yes sir, a permanent underclass cluster of victims is what is needed here.
In case Mr. Suazo has been living in a cave, we have made history in this state with the three top positions of Governor, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State, are jobs held by Hispanics. If Mr. Suazo were to have his way, we would demonize them and rush back to the days of Carpetbagger Bill Richardson.
The road to prosperity is a long and hard one to travel. Better take along some bottled water as you drive your vehicle fueled and lubricated with Fracked fuels. Oh, that’s right, Mr. Suazo and his ilk do not favor such things. Stand firm, Mr. Suazo, and cling to your political mascot which suits you very well.
Rey Herrera, San Miguel County Republican Party Chair