Letters to the editor, Aug. 6, 2017

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City’s plans?

I was disappointed in the Las Vegas City Council for voting 4 to 1 to disapprove Resolution 17-27, which the Optic describes in their article of July 21-22 as “a non-binding declaration of support for resettlement of refugees.”

Refugee status is a vetted and legal designation conferred by the federal government. Reasons cited for voting disapproval appeared to center on city resource constraints (“economic and quality-of-life challenges for the city”).

OK, if that’s really the case, I expect to hear from all of those who voted to disapprove regarding 1) specifically what those compelling challenges are, and 2) how the council and city are actively addressing them. If this city has such dire challenges that it can’t handle passing a non-binding resolution such as this, what exactly are they doing to address these pressing challenges?

One of the many ironies here is that the city can afford to blow up thousands of dollars on the Fourth of July to celebrate our American ideals and values, but apparently can’t afford to actually put those values into practice when it matters.

I posed these questions to my councilor, but have yet to receive a response from her on those specific questions.

Kim Reed-Deemer

Las Vegas

AG, please review

NOTE: This letter was sent from the Franken Construction Company to New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas.

“Mr. Balderas: We recently completed a request for proposal for the above referred project, and submitted our price to the state as well. We were advised by numerous subcontractors that we were the low bidder, approximately $500,000 lower than the other two bidders, Jaynes and HB Construction.

It has come to our attention that Jaynes is asking subcontractors to amend (lower) their pricing on various items, (actually deleting finishes in one wing) which leads us to believe that Jaynes was selected to do this project, although there has been no “official” announcement.

We have competed against Jaynes on a number of projects, and have successfully been awarded a number of them, more recently the UNM Math and Science building addition and the NMHU Trolley Building, which means to us that we can do a pretty competitive proposal, and submit a competitive price as well.

If the state awards this project to Jaynes, it will be the third time it has been given to Jaynes and the third time the state did not award the project to the lowest bidder, regardless of the “content” of one’s proposal. Considering that this is taxpayer dollars we are talking about, I am asking your office to review this matter.

Steven R. Franken

Las Vegas

No ban, no wall

The editorial cartoon in the Optic July 14 (showing “No Ban No Wall” demonstrators rethinking when a vehicle with terrorists crashes into a nearby wall) was misleading and dangerous.

All those who have committed lethal terrorist acts in the United States have been U.S. citizens or have entered legally. About 800,000 refugees have been resettled in the U.S. since 9/11; and not one has been arrested for killing someone in the U.S. We oppose the border wall and the ban on travelers from Muslim countries on human rights grounds.

The Ban involves religious discrimination and the Wall prevents asylum seekers from reaching safety. Both are expensive solutions to problems that don’t exist.

This cartoon promotes fear of terrorists entering the country, contrary to evidence; and it promotes the Trump agenda. Please keep these points in mind in future selection of cartoons.

Meanwhile, we will continue to protest every Friday at noon at Seventh and Mills in Las Vegas. All are welcome to join us. No ban — no wall!

Meredith Britt

Las Vegas

Mil Gracias

I would like to offer my most sincere appreciations to all those who participated in the Gallinas Canyon cleanup.

This endeavor began when Max Trujillo posted pictures of the trash in the canyon while participating in the Annual Gallinas River cleanup. This post launched a conversation and organizing effort between HECHO (Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hiking, and the Outdoors), Casa de Cultura, and Latino Outdoors. Latino Preservation Week was chosen as the time to implement the effort.

Participants filled a 30-yard container with car parts, mattress, tires, and anything else that did not belong in our beautiful canyon.

Here is a shoutout to the stewards of our lands: Thank you to the Gallinas Fire Department, Sapello Fire, Tecolote Fire, Ilfeld Fire, San Miguel County Public Works, Elauterio Lujan, Richard Varela, Rock Ulibarri Jr, Kent Salazar, Emilio Aragon, Jose Martinez, SMCDC Officer F. Graston, Richard Carrillo, Michael Garcia, Mark Mountjoy, Francisco Maestas, Emmanuel Jones, Timothy Solano, Manny Martinez, Hispano Chamber, Sugar Bombs, Santiago Ulibarri, Gabriel Chavez, Daniel Sam.

The names listed above are the ones who signed in, but there were many others in attendance., such as Max Trujillo, Beth Trujillo, Georgina Ortega Angel, Cher Lafebre-Tafoya, Gina Medina, Chief Mike Montaño and many more.

We are installing “No Dumping” signs at high point and ask our community members to please be active stewards of our beautiful lands. The county is leaving an open container at the Gallinas Convenience Station so community members can throw away large items; trash bags with food products should be thrown in the bear-proof containers.

Again, Thanks for all you do.

Rock G. Ulibarri

Las Vegas HECHO Advisory Board Member, Chairman

Mil Gracias

Thanks and appreciation to all the hard-working citizens who did a great job cleaning up the Gallinas Canyon Road. The last time I saw a road that pristine, I was in New Zealand.

John G. Loehr