Letters to the Editor - Aug. 29, 2014

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More trash disposal options needed

In reference to your editorial of Aug. 20, 2014 regarding trash being disposed of improperly, you state that “There’s absolutely no excuse for anyone to litter or dump trash illegally these days. San Miguel County has convenience centers throughout the county where residents can dispose of their trash. The city of Las Vegas offers weekly garbage pick up and a solid waste transfer station where city residents can take their trash. Discarding garbage in ditches, arroyos or on the side of the road is lazy and despicable.”

While I would agree that discarding refuse in this fashion is not appropriate, take a look (at)why it may be occurring. As you mentioned, there are appropriate ways to discard your trash, but I postulate that the reason it is occurring is about money, or more accurately, a lack of money!

There is no weekly trash pick-up service in the county, in which location the article mentions. The city has deemed it not feasible to provide this service at a reasonable (or any) rate for county residents. I understand that, you live in the county, you may not get city services!

You can hire a local provider who has a monopoly (there is only the one provider!) on rubbish removal outside of city limits to pick up your trash, but at what I consider an exorbitant rate.

Add in the fact that at least 26 percent of the residents live below poverty level, and these families need to choose on a daily basis if they buy food for their children, or pay a provider to haul their trash away? What choice do you think they will make?

You also add that there are transfer stations (for city users) and convenience stations (for county users). But are these free? No. You have to pay to use them as well, even though we pay our county taxes. So again, food for my family, or pay to take the trash somewhere.

Then add in another well- known fact, that about 20 percent of the population of San Miguel county residents do not own a vehicle, or have reliable transportation. How are they even supposed to take their trash to a convenience center?

Las Vegas and San Miguel county need to solve this issue. I travel throughout various sections of the state, and see many towns (i.e. Raton) have placed large dumpsters on almost every block of residential homes. You only have to walk at most half a block to get to a dumpster to dispose of your trash.

Counties such as Guadalupe County, have public dumpsters scattered on the side of public roads throughout the rural communities for the rural residents to use. Why are our city and county unable to provide these services to their residents? Get with the program, and you will see the amount of roadside trash decreased!
Tj NIx
Los Vigiles

Don’t let the name fool you
Martinez is an honored New Mexican name. We need to look at who is supporting Susana Martinez. In 2010, she received $7581,968 for her campaign, $373,000 from oil and gas companies. Who else gave money? The Koch Industries (run by the famous brothers who hate government “handouts” like food stamps) gave $10,000. They (gave to) a Hispanic candidate with a pretty face and a beautiful name. What do they want in return? Oil and gas of course.

And then to privatize everything: like our schools and our healthcare.
Elaine Giovando
Santa Fe

Mil Gracias
Thank you and congratulations to the sponsors, supporters, organizers, staff, volunteers, performers, advertisers, The City of Las Vegas, and the County of San Miguel for this year’s Meadow City Music Festival—it takes a whole lot more than a village to make successful, large scale entertainment extravaganza such as this.

The Music Festival, bringing together new and old performers in the Plaza Park and at El Rialto’s dance venue, is a welcome addition to the city’s fiesta tradition. Two and one half days and nights of a fine variety of musical genres made everyone who attended happy. At each event a spirit of camaraderie and just plain “feelin’ good” was shared by all — young ad old, local and visitor. Even the Plaza Park, with it’s lush green grass and new flower beds seemed happier.

People were dancing, singing along with the bands, and visiting with neighbors and friends — all were smiling.

Please continue to support the Meadow City Festival. If you missed it this year, put it on your calendar for next august.
Pat Romero
Las Vegas

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“Gracias” to those many Las Vegans who stepped up to participate in the “Vegas Treasure Hunt” fundraiser for the nursing scholarship emergency fund at Luna.

It was gratifying to hear from the many people who enjoyed the hunt — including those who did not find “treasures” or were too late — and the clues video as well. The views of the video are many times in excess of those who watched it Sunday morning for clues — which is gratifying.

Thanking only those “locals” (Las Vegans) who helped with prizes or in some other way, thanks to Jose Maestas, Adelaide Simpson, The Las Vegas Optic, KFUN Radio, BTU, The Plaza Hotel, Expert Auto Detail, Tome on the Range, Love Music, SPC Office Products, Jody Stege, Furniture ‘N More, Elmo Baca, Charlie’s Bakery, Dick’s Deli, El Encanto, Sweet Treats by Yvonne, Abraham’s Tiendita, Dairy Queen on Seventh, Hillcrest Restaurant, Domino’s Pizza, El Rialto, Meredith Britt, Blowin’ in the Wind, Sarah Frazier, Janet Stein Romero, Lindy Lucero, Diego Romero, Nancy Terr, Tito’s Gallery, Allan Affeldt, Bill Taylor, Wid Slick, Plaza Drugs, Wells Fargo on Douglas, and Sharon Vander Meer as well as the many nationally known authors and artists who contributed prizes.

In fact, there were so many prizes beyond the available winner-locations, I am hoping to use them to do another, similar fundraiser/treasure hunt soon, for another local cause, and am entertaining suggestions for same.
Jim Terr
Las Vegas