Letters to the Editor

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Obamacare still dangerous

This is in response to Kim Reed-Deemer’s Sept. 26 letter to the editor regarding an earlier comment of mine on Obamacare that allows the IRS to confiscate citizens’ accounts.
To my recollection, it is on page 58-59 of the passed version that government is given this right. I don’t do political e-mail pass-arounds as suggested, and my sources are nonpartisan as I stated earlier; and as is common of “dittoheads” wanting facts, not Mainstream Media spin.
Many items in Obamacare are radical, such as Death Panels; also, no cancer treatments for citizens beyond age 73. As a 74 year old, I find this discriminatory and cruel.
I do wish anyone with authoritative knowledge would tell me I’m mistaken about this bill’s mandates! Therefore, Reed-Deemer has not convinced me that Obamacare is harmless, or that the “corporate power elite” is this nation’s problems.
And furthermore, Obamacare is unconstitutional as “government shall not sell or force goods on its citizenry.”
Annette Franklin