Letter: A 'yes' vote for co-op proposal

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By The Staff

In response to the advertisement in the Optic about the Mora San Miguel Electric Co-op annual meeting: I find the ad offensive because it is factually incorrect, and misses the larger point. The ad states that one of the proposed bylaw changes suggests moving the cooperative to Pecos, which is not the case. In the spirit of full disclosure, I did not submit, write, or collaborate on proposal No. 16,  however, I can read it for myself.  All it says is that the cooperative’s headquarters is located in Mora, and that a headquarter relocation shall be decided by a simple majority of the membership, rather than the current super-majority requirement of 66 percent.    

What most members aren’t aware of is that on May 27 the MSMEC manager invited a vendor to propose to the Board of Trustees that the MSMEC go further into debt by borrowing federal stimulus funds to build a new facility in Mora.  If any new facility is to be built, I believe that the membership should be included in the decision regarding its location. Achieving the current requirement of a super-majority vote for such a decision is a statistical improbability.

In this case, as in most, I absolutely support the Will of The Many vs. The Will of the Few. If the current facility no longer serves the needs of the cooperative, then a third party fiscal impact report is called for. Then and only then can an informed decision be made by all concerned parties regarding the issue of whether to go further into debt to build, and if so where. If it turns out that a new facility becomes necessary, then the costs of building new in Mora should be responsibly weighed against building or renovating elsewhere. Hence, the reason for proposal No. 16; if the board were to act on the May 27 proposal before next year’s annual meeting, then the membership would have no say because the current bylaw requires that the headquarters remain in Mora.

If a responsible cost analysis is to take place, then the possibility of relocating the headquarters must necessarily be addressed before the Board of Trustees acts.  This is the reason why I will be voting “yes” on proposal No. 16.

Bridget Maloney