Letter writers raise good points

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This letter is intended to address two letters to the editor in the Optic on Jan. 18. I would like to praise Kim Reed-Deemer for her legitimate concerns regarding critical questions of regulations and enforcement having to do with gas and oil drilling in San Miguel County. I agree with her doubts about adequate environmental protections under the current state of affairs. In the long run, I wonder if the monetary gain to San Miguel County would be worth it to our youth and the wellbeing of every resident.

The concerns expressed by commissioner Ron Ortega, as recounted in Bernard Schaer’s letter, having to do with the question of available water for hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” also raises a red flag for me. Mr. Schaer also makes some good points about the water injected underground for fracking, “not being recovered or unfit for further use.” With the predictions of continued drought for New Mexico, this worries me. I trust Commissioner Ortega continues to stay the course with his and our concerns.

Kim Delgado
Las Vegas