Letter: Workers rally locally organized

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By Carole Silon

I was shocked to read in the Optic that Richard Grogan, CEO of Alta Vista Regional Hospital, told our county commissioners that someone from the Optic planned the pro-workers-rights rally. How absurd!

I was one of many who helped plan that rally, along with lots of other locals who support our hospital workers and their union. Participants included students from Robertson, West Las Vegas, Rio Gallinas, United World College, Highlands University, representatives from Amnesty International, the Las Vegas Committee for Peace and Justice (primary coordinator of the rally), Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center, former AVRH employees, local business owners, Las Vegas Raging Grannies, and local, statewide and national members of several unions, including District 1199NM/NUHHCE/AFSCME/AFL-CIO.

We were there to show solidarity with our local hospital workers who are simply asking the for-profit Tennessee corporation that owns our hospital to sit down and talk. The workers are not asking for higher wages, but rather better working conditions, properly working equipment, and other basics to serve the health needs of our community.

C’mon, Richard. If you had simply stepped outside to talk with us that day, you would have seen that we’re a nice bunch of local folks who simply care about our hospital, its workers, and the health of our community. You would have saved yourself the embarrassment later as you misspoke to the San Miguel County Commission.

Carole Silon

Las Vegas