LETTER: Work together for a safer crossing

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By The Staff

In response to Mr. Paul Gray, engineer for the New Mexico Department of Transportation, published Jan. 16-18 in the Optic (“Another killed in train wreck”): your assumption will not bring back the two people who got killed. This is called passing the buck. I don‘t have an engineering degree, but I don’t believe it’s the City of Las Vegas’ responsibility. There are two roads that access this crossing: one is Rio Arriba and the other is Aragon Road. The crossing provides access to either road; these are state or county roads. Unfortunately, the two persons that were killed were on there way to the transfer station. I have seen a bus with kids cross that same crossing going to Ride to Pride. Point is, if anyone were on their way to a business which includes crossing a railroad crossing got hit by the train, whose fault would it be? The City of Las Vegas.

The state, San Miguel County, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad and the City of Las Vegas need to work together to bring this crossing much safer before someone else is a victim. Some suggestions: Move warning light much closer to the crossing, reflecting north and south; slow the train down, not coming in to town at 80 mph; and honking much sooner.

Vickie Hagins

Las Vegas