LETTER: Wind turbines can go elsewhere

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By Irene Wachtel

For the past two years Invenergy has been setting up to build a 47 turbine wind farm on the mesa ridge above our house. Many in our community are just now learning about it. More specifically the location is right by Starvation Peak, on the historic Santa Fe Trail and Route 66 and the scenic Pecos valley off Highway 3.

It is a beautiful landscape and right by a community that has been able to live a sustainable, low-impact, small-farm lifestyle for generations, thanks to the Pecos River frontage. We live off the grid producing our electricity from solar panels.

In our community we all support renewable energy, but with the big open wind spaces available in New Mexico, we question the need to have it right by us. Communities in other parts of the world which have had industrial farms by them have complained about the noise of wind turbines leading to sleeplessness and disease, the red lights flashing all night penetrating their houses and destroying the dark skies, and the effect on their wildlife.

Invenergy is eying our valley because they can save money through a cheaper and convenient transmission site.

Please support us in requesting they find a more acceptable site for their project. It may take them a little more time to enrich themselves. On the other hand it will be difficult for us to live this close to an industrial wind farm and I cannot imagine anyone wanting to buy a rural house under a red sky and the background sound of turbines. Is big business going to win once again?

Irene Wachtel