Letter: Wind project jobs will be replaced

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By Deborah Seavey

In regards to the mesa wind project, I’d like to express caution about relying on corporate promises of long-term jobs for the area.

In business terms, jobs are labor expenses. These dirty and dangerous jobs eventually will be engineered out of the equation, replaced by computers. Since the priority is profit, there is no social contract obligating this company to employ anyone at all.

It’s becoming clear elsewhere that people want to move away from — not next to — industrial wind farms. More and more people are attracted to the natural, rural spaciousness and quiet, such as this mesa. The county revenue and local employment provided by new and returning residents are economically beneficial to us all.   

I ask the county to keep faith in the abilities and resourcefulness of its residents and to actively support El Valle’s existing businesses and services, cultural center, farmers market and other endeavors.

Who would you rather have as your neighbor — a corporation or a real person?

Deborah Seavey