LETTER: What about church, state separation?

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By The Staff

As a citizen of the United States of America and as a God (Judeo/Christian God) fearing person, I was surprised and outraged to read an article on ABC News Jake Trapper and Karen Travers report dated Aug. 19, that in a conference call with liberal and progressive religious leaders President Obama railed against those who were “bearing false witness” in the debate over health care reform.

The President also called on religious leaders to help him share the good word about health care reform and set the record straight. He went so far as to ask them to “knock on doors, talk to your neighbors” and “spread the facts and speak the truth.”

 The government banned the Ten Commandments from courthouses, government buildings, schools, prohibited they be taught in classes and the President of the United States of American dares to use them to complain about people who do not agree with his health policy. By the way, unless all 1,000 to 1,500 pages of the original draft are published and open for public review, clergy, religious leaders, etc. cannot spread the “good word” about his proposed policy.

The American public cannot see enough to be proven wrong in their accusations. He is spouting the Bible, that he “the government” has banned, against “God fearing people” who know and fear and respect the “Ten Commandments” that President Obama is so liberal in using in a government that separates church from state. President Obama, you can have it the Government Way or the God Fearing Way but not both. As long as the U.S. Government has kicked God out of all government functions and buildings. You as the highest officer in the land, representing this godless form of government cannot just call out and quote the Bible and use as ammunition for your political cause. Because the government has banned the Ten Commandments from schools and courts, people are not educated on the Ten Commandments and Judeo/Christian moral principles, and the Commandments are not allowed in American courts, you cannot present a case using the “Ten Commandments” as charge against the American people. The burden of proof is upon the government to show Americans “The Truth” of what your proposed health care reform is all about section by section. Calling on the use of clergy to promote any political agenda is currently a clear violation of “Separation of Church and State” as presently viewed by our government.

Jeanie Powell