LETTER: We are all special

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By Paul Anthony Maes

“Concepts.” I think it was addressed to people who are “spiritual” or in the experiment of if the Bible was true. I thought the letter was to emphasize precautions needed after you found only way to be saved referring to changing most of your beliefs were incorrectly aligned with lies to not be violent toward people who do this. If we have purity, Jesus notes, songs, worship, it shouldn’t matter the source, who is better, because the newcomers are in sin (though sin is “burnt” separation)! The “to Jesus” stuff is not directed or to be judged by people, so stand up and ask if you can say it or sing it some time,  even if you’re trapped under the sins. You know peoples’ pure worship need to reach Jesus “non-stop.”

I think it meant no harm, and wasn’t directed to people delivering bunk salvation, but once you are found the true life finders will need to know about this to work on forgiveness to reaction since now. I know you are offended, and can’t be taught at this point, so run.

“With rocks flying I think you can go farther if you’re older.” This problem was minimal in our city as most have common sense and forgiveness, but needed to be checked for safety as a requirement, so no one gets hurt.

It took 15 years to correct the misapplied to life of Acts 2:38 holiness in purity. Whether you’re in power or on the streets, you’re special. They said the same about Einstein. If you want to learn the only doctrines, go to endtime.com or call me and I’ll lead you to more. Check actsch238.net.

Paul Anthony Maes

Las Vegas