Letter: Water director needs degree

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By The Staff

I would just like to say there was a time when Las Vegas citizens could water every day and could wash their cars, being a mountain community. In most cities, the water is recycled. Here in Las Vegas, N.M., the water is received from snowfalls and rain as well.

On the first week of April 2010, I saw a job posting in the Optic in regards to a position I believe was water director. The job description read the qualifications were a high school and experience and/or some experience, equal to a bachelor’s. This most important position requires an engineering degree.

We had someone in the past with a high school diploma and experience, and we were always in Stage 3. For a mountain community, that’s pathetic and doggone stupid. With the qualified chosen individual, who should have an engineering degree, we should not be in any stages.

The qualified individual should possess an engineering degree in osmosis, with the knowledge to contain and retain runoffs and build water dams.

So, newly elected Mayor Alfonso Ortiz, you stated you we were not going to go backwards, and with the current situation, please, let’s not go there. Please, mayor and Las Vegas City Council, let our tax dollars work for the city in hiring a qualified person, even if a bigger salary is needed to attract qualified people. In the long run, we, the city of Las Vegas, will benefit and not compromise our resources.

Please choose someone qualified and not with any less than an engineering degree for the future, health, life and well-being of our beautiful city, we call Las Vegas, N.M., where the mountains meet the plains.

Thank you for your time in this important matter.

James Wright

Dallas, Texas