LETTER: USA is standing against God

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By Gerald Crilly

Shuck and jive: Everybody happy? Change, in your pocket! War, war, war and more. New wars. Same old, same old. Ah, but we’ve finally got it all figured out: Progressive, liberal politics plus science, plus (the new god) technology; add a kick of neo-con to ensure the world that we, the USA, mean business! Who has their military in multiple nations, wars, and who knows what, while our ports and borders are porous sieves (not the leakage of Mexican workers; they are the false target of America’s hypocrisy). We meddle in everybody’s business but our own. This “democratization” of the world vis-a-vis America’s transcultural force is absolute insanity, plus satanic.

We export our crop/filth of immorality, drunkenness, drug usage, rock and roll obscene noise, and you wonder why the world hates this God-forsaken nation?

How do we know when we “win” the war against Iraq (we started it), Afghanistan, etc.? Is it after we attain Westmoreland’s significant body count of attrition? What baffling hyper-jingoistic garbage from Hell! The USA has gone absolutely mad, and it’s hellish, the very creator of it. America learned nothing from Vietnam. Now it is truly 100 times worse!

Oh, there are churches and steeples on every street corner, but remember, according to the Holy Bible, God loathes (despises, He even “hates”) your outward forms of religion. (Amos 5:21 et al) The USA has turned its back on God, Yahwheh. Plain and simple. Our problem is spiritual and moral; just as ancient Israel forsook their God, so America has en massé thumbed its nose at God.

America was never perfect; but there was resemblance of law (derived from God’s holy law), decency and purpose! There were pockets of mercy, some truth, quietness, and contentment. (“Godliness with contentment is great gain.” I.Tim.6:6) Today. everywhere in the USA. it’s all  about pretense, appearance, spin, “marketing” and a so-called “positive image.” But it, the Fantasia, Disneyland, is all a lie, a massive delusion. Someone will say, “Don’t criticize Israel,” such and such, blah, blah! But that is precisely what the Holy Bible states/teaches/instructs happened to O.T. Israel. Don’t add insult and make God a liar. You, Americans, are the liar, number one in the world!

The end of this wicked world is here! The King — Yahshua is coming! But “The wicked shall be turned into Hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalms 9:17, KJV, Holy Bible. Nowhere in history or scriptures is an exception made for America.

Gerald Crilly

Ezekiel Place Fellowship

Las Vegas