Letter: Unfairness in city utility bills

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By The Staff

I have been fighting the city for the past 18 months to see if the city will change the way it is charging us for the water and the sewer. Did you know that a private residence is allotted 2,000 gallons a month at a certain rate? After 2,000 gallons the price rate goes up, but did you all know that if you don’t use the 2,000 gallons in a month you are still paying for 2,000 gallons? Last month I used 780 gallons and I still had to pay for 2,000 gallons. I don’t think that’s fair.

The other problem is the sewer. The city calculates on how much water you used last year from November through March and that’s how the city calculates what they charge for the use of the sewer. Last month I used 780 gallons of water. That’s what came in but 1,880 gallons went back out. For the life of me I just can’t figure out how the city can figure that more water goes out than what comes in. In another month I used 840 gallons but 1,765 gallons went back out.

Here I am trying to conserve water so no one will die of thirst. All my grass dried up, so I changed the yard to xeriscape, but the city just keeps ripping me off both coming and going. I bet that this is happening to everyone, and no one cares. Remember that “united we stand and divided we fall.”

Check your utility bill; I’m sure this is happening to everyone. I don’t know but wouldn’t this be considered as the city embezzling from the taxpayers? And this has been going on for who knows how long.

I can’t have the water and sewer ordinance changed by myself; so I need the public’s help. If you the public want to help me change this ordinance; please attend the next City Council meeting. The more people complain, the more power we have.

Lalo Sanchez

Las Vegas