Letter: Turbines not best alternative

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By Irene Wachtel

A landowner in El Valle, who stands to profit from the Invenergy Industrial facility on the mesa next to Starvation Peak, has approached the board of directors of West Las Vegas High School to gain support for the project. As you probably know from previous opinions on the subject, most people in our neighborhood reject the location for the wind turbines. More than 300 petition (signatures) have been gathered against it.  

While we support renewable energy, and would love to connect our homes to solar panels, we have found that the noise (including low frequency noise) and the shadow flicker created by the turbines can be detrimental to our health and sanity. We also stand to lose our  beautiful night skies with red aviation lights flickering all night over our heads.  

The Pecos River runs through our valley, creating a corridor for a great variety of wildlife which would be threatened by this development. We have been working on an ordinance to  keep turbines at a safe distance from our dwellings.  There are large uninhabited stretches of land with good wind speeds in New Mexico that could host these turbines. Please, members of the school board, and people of San Miguel county, let’s make this a win-win situation for all and find a better place for industrial development.

Irene Wachtel