LETTER: Trees need to be trimmed or removed

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By The Staff

I read the story on the Optic dated March 20 about the Acequia Madre, which I found very interesting.

The story brought me back to my childhood when I went to school at the Sister of Loretto School on the corner of South Gonzales ad Moreno Street. I was 5 or 6 years old at the time. We used to play in the ditch with great pleasure.

The reason for writing this letter is that we are very concerned about the vegetation that has grown inside the ditch. My wife as well as other members of my family lives next to the ditch. In fact, the ditch passes right through our two prosperities at 205 and 205-1/2 Alamo St.

My main concern is that three huge Alamo trees have grown inside the ditch. One tree is 15 feet in circumference and the other tree measures 12 feet in circumference. Some years ago, a tree inside the ditch behind our house fell into my property on top of my gazebo and van. Some damage was done. I tried to claim the damage with my house insurance and it was told they could not help me because it was an act of God. Next, I spoke to the ditch foreman at that time. I asked if the ditch could assist in paying for the damage. He stated that the ditch could not help because the tree belonged to the property adjacent to the ditch.

My understanding is that the ditch owns seven feet from the center to each side.

On March 26 we had snow and wind, which caused the breaking of branches off a huge tree, which barely missed my house. The other half of the tree is threatening to fall over my house. There are other huge trees overhanging over my daughter’s trailer. Said trees need to be trimmed or removed.

I am requesting that the Acequia Madre president, Mr. William Gonzales, come to my residence and try to resolve my problem. I can be contacted at 505-429-9300.

Leo Armijo

Las Vegas