Letter: The tragic loss of a good man

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By The Staff

I am writing this letter to let everyone know exactly who Benito Lemos was. He was going to be my son in-law this summer, but I can honestly say that he was more like a son than a son in-law.

He was an awesome person and kind to everyone he knew. Yes, he was a big guy but he had the biggest heart you’ll ever find. Anytime I needed him. he was there for me, no matter what. He had a great sense of humor, a great personality, and a smile that would light up a room.  

His family meant everything to him. He did all in his power to make them happy. He took my granddaughter, XianaLee, in like she was his own flesh and blood. She could never ask for a better dad. She was everything to him and he was everything to her. His son, Jarvis, is a miniature Benito.  Looking into his eyes is like looking into Benito’s eyes.  

His death was senseless and tragic. Richard Baca took away a mother’s only son, my daughter’s fiancé, and a daddy from his two kids. The worst of it all is that his family had to see him gunned down in the street. They will have to live with that nightmare for the rest of their lives. It tears me apart every time I hear my grandson say, “No more daddy nana, daddy fell.” To hear my granddaughter say she wishes she could turn back time, so that she can have her daddy back.

Benito was loved by everyone who knew him. Every time you saw him, he was smiling and always so happy and full of life. Richard Baca will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life. I hope he understands that he has not only taken one life but has ruined so many with his decision to murder another human being.

All I am seeking is justice for the tragic and senseless death of Benito Lemos.

Susan Lovato

Las Vegas

Editor’s note: Susan Lovato works at the Las Vegas Optic.