LETTER: Time to put horse before the cart

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By Paul Anthony Maes

There is a time to start putting the cart where it goes.

I believed that governments, legislatures, schools and businesses were here to help further the human race with no waste both to make heaven and father technology as a striving forward force where voters were effective. I now see most people in our community settle for less in community and purity standards. If we can’t do our jobs we need to get others in so production quality goes up and stress goes down. There are much internal jobs to do now that we have truth, and there is no time for the wasted business. This is a nice way to explain how me “puts the carts after the horse instead of in front” and does stress the most important who may be lesser in intelligence getting one over on disabled preoccupied people. The invasion of privacy is wrong.

As an Apostolic man I’m here to titate you into knowing and being an autocrats as you are called. You each are vessels who can choose there is still hope. It is hard for me to understand why so many settle for providing less quality from their communities and life. Businesses use people in manipulation for control and it seems to be held unaccountable even when it’s in the wrong. Rebuke is in order. This is America and we have a choice how we want to live. I choose to settle for quality and not be infected by a lower society’s standards or ideas in fraud that are driven by money and lack of common sense. America needs to get the quality not quantity so waste is utilized to productivity. There is a purity, and we have to uphold our futures productive independence by allowing people to make an honest living. The offering funds don’t work if they are to in place. I don’t want you to be afraid of me or be intimidated by an means; it is your choice how to build this city or be molded by its criminals. It is good to know that so many people follow a system in free fall and still claim to have the cart after the horse. Drop the pride and just ask, knowing it is a straight Biblically aligned direction forward and “to Jesus.”

Paul Anthony Maes

Las Vegas