Letter: Teachers need more support

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By The Staff

To anyone who has ever had a teacher: It takes more education and more money out of pocket than at any time in our country’s history to become and remain a teacher. Our student loan reform is a very good start, however, there are thousands of teachers out there now who have high-interest loans and old loans for teaching that are not forgiven.

Mr. President, can you please help those who are already teaching and helping the future of our country? We teachers need your support. If teachers are teaching minority populations in rural or urban areas for the last five years not depending on being in the same school (many teachers have been laid off, moved around district to district due to the economy, last on first-in first-out-the-door policy which still exits) those teachers in the hardest hit schools that need to make improvements in education should have any and all outstanding teacher loans dismissed, forgiven, paid off — whatever term is in fashion at this time — to ease the financial emotional burden we are suffering.

Teachers now do more paper work, data processing and testing than we do teaching. This is especially true in small schools that cannot afford the personnel to do some of the No Child Left Behind  massive paperwork requirements. The fact that NCLB is not and will not work as it is designed as a one-size-fits-all money-making scheme. This NCLB was forced on us by the previous administration. There is an old saying that the road to *&%^ is paved with good intentions.

A few companies in a few states make all the testing, text books and all that goes with it. Schools have lost sight of that end product in school, the child. Not a gadget being produced on an assembly line.

Teachers should be treated with more respect as the professionals they trained to be. Not paper pushing bureaucratic old line government scapegoats.

Old Indian teacher in the middle of nowhere reservation, in the USA.

Nancy Upthegrove-Jaramillo

Las Vegas