LETTER: Support for RHS students

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By Sergio Quintana

In just a few months the graduating class of 2009 will join the ranks of a proud and accomplished group of people.

For decades, Robertson High School graduates have gone on to productive careers in politics, science, media, education and the arts.

As proud graduates of RHS, we share memories of our years in the halls and classrooms: joking with friends, cheering on each other’s accomplishments, and helping each other through difficult times.

Right now it’s clear Robertson High School is going through difficult times. The start of this academic year kicked off with news of sexual assaults by students upon other students at a football training camp. Athletes allegedly inflicting such cruelty upon other athletes denigrates the spirit and honor of everyone associated with Robertson High School present and past. Criminal prosecutions of these actions are necessary and thankfully are in progress.

Now there are reports of sexual impropriety by a principal and a science teacher. According to details of a civil claim, the principal is accused of sexual harassment upon a prospective teacher, and the science teacher is accused of sexual abuse upon a former student.

These claims are alleged by an attorney representing two different clients, but they are serious enough to have warranted the suspension of both educators.

Both are additional layers of shock in what has already been a shocking school year.

As Robertson High School graduates, many of us have watched from a distance from our homes across the state, some from across the country, and a few from around the world.

The Internet allows us to easily read and learn what happens in Las Vegas. And, our personal ties to our high school and our hometown means that we all have felt a collective embarrassment.

The pain of this year is being inflicted by just a few people. They are people who seem to believe that their actions exist in a corner of the world where no one will see anything, and no one will say anything.

But in fact, we are all connected.

So for those of us who survived through the tumultuous years of our high school careers, and are now watching the horrors of Robertson High School from a distance, we have a message of support for the students who are in class right now; this will pass.

You will soon be joining us in a world where your achievements will define your success. Those successes will continue to add to a proud tradition at Robertson High School. And collectively our successes will always outshine the blight that has been inflicted on our school’s reputation by the actions of a misguided few.

Sergio Quintana

San Francisco, Calif.

RHS Class of ‘93

Editor’s note: The author said he shared this letter with other former RHS students and listed 23 others who signed off in support of it.