Letter: Support for Repower America

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By The Staff

We need to revolutionize New Mexico into taking more responsibility for the condition of our environment, create jobs and create energy independence for America. Green Energy Housing wants to urge our community to support Repower America in their efforts to build jobs, create energy independence and reduce environmental pollution.

Green Energy Housing LLC has been planning with the town of Taos projects that will create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, increase alternative energy to the electric grid and build homes and businesses that are green and energy efficient.

Our planned Assisted Living Home will create 55 new permanent jobs and our housing and commercial building projects will save the owners a minimum of $2,000 per year in utilities; reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent and bring in annual income to the home and business owners.

Please support the plan to Repower America and  get involved in your community to create jobs, seek energy independence and clean our environment.

Dwane Durant

President, Green Energy Housing LLC