LETTER: In son's name, a call to action

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By The Staff

It has been nearly six months since Jan. 15, since our son Mikey has been gone. His dreams were shattered when his young life came to an abrupt end and our hearts were broken, but today we remember how strong our faith in God is and in his promises to us, and we know that Michael is in Heaven and that he is watching over all of us, his friends and relatives, and his fellow residents of Las Vegas, for he was a “Vegas boy.”

We hope and pray that our son while on this earth was able to positively impact many young people and aid them to believe in themselves, to trust in God that they can be all they are called to be, to succeed and to achieve their dreams. To live their lives so as to help to make this town a better place for everyone.  

To that end, we call on all of our civic leaders to work together with the leaders of all state government entities, including the Department of Transportation and the corporate interests, to protect the citizens of Las Vegas, San Miguel County and all visitors to Las Vegas by funding and implementing the necessary safety equipment at the Rio Arriba railroad crossing. Yes, stop signs have been put in place in the past few months, and that is a much appreciated first step, but it should not be the final step. Many are already rolling through the stop signs. Why? Because no train is approaching the crossing at the time they need to cross the tracks. How much better is this than it was prior to the installation of the stop signs?

The proper mechanical railroad crossing warning lights and crossing arms populate many a crossing which process far less traffic than the Rio Arriba crossing. They activate when needed, when important, when crucial for the safety of those crossing the tracks. After just a couple of months with the new stop signs and road markings, the road is worn thin by the constant traffic load.   

What is the price of a life, of two? When will the price be enough? For the people of this community, please, we ask that you act now.

Yes, Mikey was a “Vegas boy.”  He believed in Las Vegas, in its youth, its people, in its potential.  He believed in the leaders of this community.

Michael, you will always be in our hearts.

Emilio and Helen Esquibel and family

Las Vegas