LETTER: Shape up or resign

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By The Staff

Open letter to Mayor Marquez and the Las Vegas City Council:

When you took office 10 months ago, I had the privilege of attending the “strategic planning sessions” you held with the department heads and council members.  Your “State of the City” address was impressive and promised new vision and positive action to move the city forward. Ten months later, what do we have that indicates forward progress?

So far, some of the action taken has been to remove employees without replacing them. The money saved by delay in filing those positions appears to have eroded employee morale as well as impact the everyday functions of city government.

The actions and voting by council members have the appearance of decisions being made on reasons other than the benefit of the city and the taxpayers.

I was present at the last council meeting on Feb. 4, and was dismayed by the move and approval to hire the $100 per hour utilities department consultant as the interim city manager, only to turn around and fire the utilities director. It may be legal, but it doesn’t improve the reputation of our city government, nor makes it an attractive place to work.

 What can we look forward to in the next 14 months before the next mayoral election? Will we see the mayor and council working together for the good of all, or will we continue to see split votes, with the mayor breaking the ties? The   interest of the citizens and employees of the City of Las Vegas should be number one in your actions and, if this is not possible, then your resignation and those of the council should be tenured. We the citizens are tired of how city hall isn’t being run.

Alex Aragon

Las Vegas