LETTER: Served proudly, now struggling

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By The Staff


 I grew up in Mora, my family is from Buena Vista. The men on both sides of my familia were honored, almost obligated, to join the military, like my Uncle Moises Solano, Ernesto and Louie Garcia, my tio David Ulibarri Sr.., to include my niece Ethni Valdez from Las Aguitas whom just got extended again after six years as a Marine. All of these U.S. soldiers placed our lives for our little parts of Heaven here in Northern New Mexico.

I feel bad about the war and all the pain my brothers and sisters in arms endure, the hurt their/our families go through because we love each other.

I am a disabled veteran, I was able to work for 33 years after six years in the U.S. Army, but now find myself progressively getting ill. Unable to continue to make five to eight trips for treatment to the VA Hospital in Albuquerque (lack of funds). The “van” is not always available, and I have missed crucial appointments

Thank you, to family and friends, my fiance Vi, and my brothers/sisters for taking me in,  and my fellow vets for their prayers. My good neighbor Ralph Sandoval, my neighbor Mauricio Tapia and Vangie, for looking out for us, and help and encouragement.

I would like to ask my people in the San Miguel and Mora counties to give us a ride, smile, if you can extend us a little gesture. Please don’t evict us. We are proud to have served and do our part.

Please tell a soldier thanks.

Ernesto J. Garcia

Mora County