Letter: School a primer for prison life

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By Emilio Arago

The prison industrial complex continues to exert pressure on our citizens to comply with a very dangerous trend.  Drive by any middle school or high school and you see a primer for the prison lifestyle.  Fenced-in campuses are guarded by personnel at a security gate, much like a military or prison complex.  

The school buildings have no windows, thus stiffling imagination and free thought. Students are required to wear uniforms (in the military, uniforms are used to break-up individualistic thought).  These practices and edifices are all keyed toward development of a prison and controlling mentality.  “1984” by George Orwell, comes to mind as one drives by these complexes.  

Meanwhile, the prison industrial complex rakes in taxpayers’ monies by establishing a “farm club” of our “schools,” at the same time it, and our professional politicians, direct more and more revenues to incarcerate a greater number of our citizens in the “private sector.”

“Capitalism is killing democracy.” — Mirabal.

Pay your taxes for more “special sessions” with vetoes. Buy the uniforms that contribute to thought control and the elimination of imagination and free thought, resulting in the eventual path to the prisons. This prison mentality is inculcating in our young.

As I write in my newly published book, Liberato Amado: It is obvious the money changers won, From Wall Street to Main street, and cradle to grave. Yet, we are too tied-up watching the “free TV signal” we pay for, to teach us our capitalistic lifestyle. Enjoy.

Emilio Aragon

Las Vegas