Letter: Response to letter about fiestas

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By The Staff

This is in response to the letter to the editor by Lorraine Ortega from of Denver, Colo., on Monday, July 26.

First of all, l thank you and your 15 or 19 couples that traveled from Denver to enjoy the fiestas of Las Vegas. Your figures don’t jive. Did you miss count? Did you mean 15 or 19 couples?  You and the rest of your dedicated group deserve a great hand.  You all have contributed to the city of Las Vegas adding to the lodgers tax revenue by utilizing the Sunshine Motel. Gracias, gracias! I am in full support of that.  

I definitely agree that you do not know me or know of me. I am a prominent person in the community, and I have been involved in many organizations that have been a success. I do not need to prove to you who I am and what I have done for the community because people in the community know who I am and what I have done for many years as a volunteer. My dedication, skills, knowledge, honesty and leadership as a volunteer speak for themselves.

Let me clarify your concern on the bathrooms. Lady, I do not do bathrooms! That has never been one of  my responsibilities or duties at the park. I am glad Mathew did a good job in keeping them clean for you. I am also glad you saved some money by not having to pay to use the bathroom around the Plaza Park. I have to admit you have some ridiculous statements. You should have gotten the story correct from your idol. You should have identified the changes because we know of none. When you say Mathew did a great job running the fiestas, do you mean you are in agreement and praising him for the violation of the bylaws, conflict-of-interest doings and much more? You should have gotten your story correct and not from the culprit. You definitely have to be a friend or a relative to stick your neck out without knowing what really went on. The chairs were for you to kick back and enjoy the music. Too bad you failed to take advantage and now you are complaining after the fact. I am so sorry.

Hope to see you next year and maybe I will get to meet you.  The fiestas will go on regardless. Be sure to bring more people. The more the merrier.

Inez Gallegos-Lujan

Las Vegas