LETTER: Rec Center number is hard to find

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By The Staff

I read with interest the lead story on Monday Nov 24 detailing deficiencies in our city parks and recreation center.  The sad condition of the parks was one of the first things we noticed upon our arrival in Las Vegas over 11 years ago, when our children were of an age to care about swings and slides. I hope the task force recommendations will have an impact.

The point of this letter, however, is to address my frustrations in attempting to contact the Recreation Center. The last point of the task force report suggests improved signs. This suggestion immediately reminded me that for the last several years, finding the Recreation Center in the phone book seems to be an impossible task! I pulled out my new 2009 DEX Directory and once again, I am unable to find a listing. In the white pages, the Rec Center is not listed under Abe Montoya Recreation Center, Las Vegas City Government, Recreation Center, or Swimming Pool (although the number for the Springer pool is found there). In the Yellow Pages, it is equally absent under Recreation Center (although Raton has three listings) or Swimming Pools-Public (although one on “1036 11” with a 575 area code is listed). Can you imagine, no listing under Swimming Pool?!

Should we blame Qwest? I don’t think so!  In past years I have called the Rec Center as well as the City Manager’s office to point out the difficulty in finding the elusive number. It is my understanding that Qwest does solicit updated information from local businesses and officials each year.

Attention locals, visitors, and newcomers to Las Vegas! We have a Recreation Center! It may need renovations, but it does have a pool with a slide to delight young and old, an expanded exercise and weight room, basketball courts, racquetball courts, and even after-school programs. Need the phone number? It is 426-1739. (I wrote it in my 2007 DEX directory after a trip to the Rec Center to pick a printed schedule of hours; luckily Las Vegas is a small town!)

Carol Linder

Las Vegas