LETTER: Ready for a new Las Vegas mayor

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By The Staff

As a relative newcomer to Las Vegas, I was excited to be a part of the elections last year and all the enthusiasm the newly elected mayor brought to the process. Now I think otherwise.  

Mayor Tony has shown that not only is he incapable of running a city the size of Las Vegas, but he has his own agenda and doesn’t care what citizens want.

He has fired a department head that was doing his job under difficult circumstances and with a lack of resources.  He wasted — How much money? — conducting what now appears a bogus search for a new city manager. Apparently he wanted one who would be his puppet, and that’s what he got.

And this is just in the last few days. This newspaper has thoroughly chronicled his inaction and apparent lack of ability during the year since he was elected.  And it’s quite handy that he can’t be recalled, according to our City Charter.

I’m ready to start working for whoever runs against him.  I’ll start tomorrow. This is an untenable situation for a place that has so much potential. Let’s get a mayor who will listen to his constituents and actually lead this city.

Kim Abbey

Las Vegas