LETTER: Production class was a success

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By The Staff

Support for the film industry in Las Vegas is alive and moving forward. On June 13, a workshop was held for those interested in becoming employed in the film industry as a production assistant. Eighteen “students” attended and were instructed in many aspects of the industry, from preparing a resume, using a walkie-talkie to proper etiquette expected on a film set.

Many thanks go out to the following: Las Vegas Film Council and Neita Fran Ward for making the arrangements; Roy Montibon and Jamie Romero for the classroom space; Joseph Lujan and John Campbell of XXIII Productions; Tobi Ives and Trish Lopez of the New Mexico Film Office; and the instructor, line producer Alton Walpole.  

It was a pleasure to spend a day with knowledgeable people of all ages from surrounding towns interested in furthering employment at home in an industry that has served this state for many many years.

Linda Anderle