Letter: Pecos faces budget deficit

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By The Staff

The Pecos Independent School District will be facing a budget reduction for the 2010-11 school year. We are looking carefully at all operational budget areas to apply a reduction to create a balanced budget.

In November 2009, PISD was directed by PED (Public Education Department) to reduce the FY 10 budget student unit value from $3,862.79 to $3,792.65, which resulted in the budget reduction amount of $246,000 for our school district. Our district was able to do this mandatory reduction without impact to employee salary or reduction of current staff because a hiring freeze was imposed on all open positions. This freeze enabled the budget reduction to minimize direct impact on employees and student programs.

At the January 2010 special legislative session, a state budget was presented to the governor for approval. The governor signed with some modifications. The modification resulted in the final unit value amount for FY 11 being set at $3,674.75.  Because of the reduction of the student unit value, our further budget reduction projection will be approximately $899,000. Budgets are built and reduced based on the student unit value.

I have utilized budget committees for recommendations and will cut the operational budget. Reductions may have to go further than committee recommendations and may reduce our work force. This reduction may affect all work departments. Our budget (was) due to the PED by April 28. We will have a special board meeting so the PISD Board of Education can approve the budget submittal to the State of New Mexico.

I will share further information in the next few weeks.

Roy Herrera

Pecos schools superintendent