Letter: Parking will be the central issue

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By The Staff

Highlands in at it again. Now they are building a new student union building on the corner of National and Eighth. The building will take up the entire parking lot that now has over 200 parking spaces, that are used to capacity every day. The building will add a staff of over 60 people to the area and will have a 700-seat auditorium. Where are these people going to park? Ten blocks away? Oh! The university says it is going to buy the three small properties across Eighth Street and that might give them about 30 spaces. Wow, lose 200 spaces, add 60 staff and gain 30 spaces. Sounds about right; ah, no! Math 101?

Residents, merchants and churches in this area should be very concerned because the traffic and parking are going to overflow into their parking areas. People will be parking on Sixth, Seventh and Eighth streets and National and University avenues by the hoards. Commercial places like the Spic & Span, Luke’s Barbershop, the Fidelity building, Bank of Las Vegas, Team Builders and many others will lose their parking to students and staff who will leave their cars parked for hours. When this was brought to the attention of the NMHU president, the response was, “We’ll deal with that later.”

Well, if the people of Las Vegas don’t do something now, a lot of us will be dealing with the problem for a long time. I urge all property owners and tenants within five block radius of this area to contact the New Mexico Construction Industries Division and our city councilors to put a stop to this before it’s too late!

More student have cars than ever before and NMHU has more students than ever, yet they continually take parking space to build more buildings. In the past 20 years, Highlands has eliminated over 400 parking spaces to build a park, and several buildings. I know every president that Highlands has had wants to be the one that built the biggest. How about building the biggest parking structure? You can even put your name on it! Residents on Seventh and Eighth street thought traffic and parking was bad before, well, get ready for this!

Why is it that Highlands does not have to abide by the building codes that other commercial entities have to? Like the one that says there have to be so many parking spaces for the amount of square footage a building contains? Another question.

As for Art Trujillo in his column saying the new SUB would be a hit: He is right, it will be a major blow to this city.

Matias Silva

Las Vegas