Letter: Optic negative about Las Vegas

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By The Staff

I understand the editorial (titled “Blaming the messenger”). However the Optic, on occasion, does seem to be very negative about Las Vegas in its coverage and editorials. For folks who read the paper because they visit Las Vegas, it does not come across as friendly. Especially if the paper and visits to town are the only way we interact with the citizens of Las Vegas.

My family and I go there often to shop and to visit relatives. We have always been treated well and we will continue to go there. But if the Optic was my only source of news/information about Las Vegas, I would never stop there.

Two publications of the many I read are this way: the Rio Grande Sun, and the Las Vegas Optic is becoming that way. I know there are others, not from Las Vegas, who feel the same way.

Put more good news on the front page.

Preciliano Martin