Letter: Only as quick as our slowest unit

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By Emilio Arago

Our city is governed to the assets and speed of the “Victorian Triangle.” That is, those citizens living within the boundaries of Grand Avenue on the east, Rio Gallinas on the west, the confluence of Grand Avenue and Rio Gallinas on the south, and open-ended on the north, dictate taxing, personal resources, influence, and political clout.

Our City Council is constituted as one in which the representatives are selected at the different sectors of the city, and the influence of that sector follows the council person.

Were we to elect “representatives” to our council, by “at-large” voting, we would eliminate giving more power to the most powerful.

By giving more power to our most powerful (e.g. The Victorian Triangle) our city cannot progress, i.e., we are only as quick as our slowest unit.

We can readily see the voting patterns. How can two councilors vote one way, while two others vote a different way? Is there a meeting of the minds prior to the public meetings? Is one faction always right? Is one faction always wrong? The only answer is that we taxpayers are getting short-shrift.

 Emilio Aragon

Las Vegas