Letter: Not a matter of if, but one of when

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By The Staff

On the morning of June 6, there was a structure fire that had spread to the forested property in the Rincon Ranch subdivision. One home burned, however, there was not anyone injured.  It was a seasonal vacation home.

 I would like to thank the Guadalupita, Moreno Valley and Mora fire departments for their quick response. Also, I would like the thank the neighboring residents who provided quick response help until the departments arrived.

 A few pointers that I learned in all this is make sure that all pine needles are raked around your property, limbs trimmed high, nothing to catch fire in the event of a powerline coming down, and keep a close water supply.  It is also good to check out your exits and have a plan to get loved ones out in a hurry. Keep all important papers in a safe deposit box in a safe place like a bank.

The question is not if but when a fire will affect an area. We are not invincible. This one was probably started by dry lightning that covered the area the night before. Due to low winds and quick response, it was put out quickly. We were lucky this time.

 To all those firefighters and first responders, we are all grateful and hope you never get discouraged.  We do appreciate you.

 Jeanie Powell

Sierra Bonita