LETTER: Noise pollution gone wacko

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By The Staff

Every summer the noise from Harleys and loud cars gets worse. It’s too noisy here! It’s noise pollution gone wacko!

Warm weather used to be birdies singing and flowers blooming. Now it’s an unrelenting onslaught of nerve-wracking explosive noise. I’ve come to dread the nice weather because I know what’s coming.

Except for the early mornings, I can walk out of my house practically any time, day or night, and be subjected to an inconsiderate fool blasting down some street. I can hear them way across town! It’s especially bad on Grand Avenue where they can really get going.

What’s with these people? Do they deliberately wind up their engines to create as much deafening clamor as they can? There’s little restraint. Why can’t they go slower and shift sooner?

What’s with us for not trying to make our fine town quieter? I realize there are a number of people in Vegas who enjoy loud cars and Harleys. If a noise ordinance were enacted or even considered, there would likely be an outcry about personal freedom, etc. But what about those of us who don’t like being jolted awake at night? Why should we be assaulted by noise? There’s got to be a better way.