Letter: More educating on recycling, please

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By The Staff

I was delighted to read in Friday's Optic that the city of Las Vegas is considering a new recycling hub. Until I read the article I wasn’t aware that Las Vegas was engaged in recycling at all. I am pleased to hear that they plan to improve their recycling program.

I would like to encourage the city to work harder to educate residents about recycling and how they can participate in it here in Las Vegas. Even after reading the article, I still do not know where to take items to have them recycled and I am sure many other residents of the city have the same problem. I would be very happy if the Optic would run an article explaining the current system.

Another area that could use improvement is explaining to local residents why recycling is important and why it is worth the effort to take part in recycling programs. We only get one planet and it is important to take care of it. I am sure that with better education and a better explanation of how recycling works here in Las Vegas, more people would participate.

Jean Esplin

Las Vegas