Letter: Mora County needs change

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By The Staff

This is a response to (the letter which ran April 2 titled “Don’t gamble with our future”): In 2009, I began attending Mora County Commission meetings in hopes of learning more and being able to dialog with the commissioners on issues going on in the county. I publicly offered to assist with grant writing as a volunteer.

What I got was a stop watch that was monitored more carefully than the words I spoke.

At one meeting I asked the commissioners if they would be willing to share their ideas with the local newspaper so that the community would know what was going on. I got no response. Mr. Quintana was the only one that extended his hand to me.

What I learned was that the commissioners had no regard for the statutes and laws of the state of New Mexico.

A $2.6 million bond was voted on by the citizens of Mora County to build a new courthouse. This bond was for a courthouse, not a multi-purpose building that will cost the community over $12 million. Yes, we have to find the money and finish this building. It is ours, but is it right that the citizens voted for one thing and got another?

How can the citizens of Mora County develop a tax base that will pay for all of this? We cannot gamble with the taxpayers’ life savings.

There has been no county manager in place since September 2009. Who is managing the county?

The county Planning and Zoning is short three members and have been waiting since December 2009 for the commissioners to select them.

What Mora County needs is government that works for the people. Change is our only hope.

Carla Gomez-Fresquez